The Locker Store Marketplace has School lockers, Gym lockers, Employee lockers - we have Locker Solutions. Whether your facility is a school, a health club, business or home, the right lockers will give your clients a feeling of security and demonstrate your commitment to maintaining a professional image. At the Locker Store we focus on what we do best, lockers and storage racks.
We provide New and Used, high quality metal lockers, wood lockers and plastic lockers. Our lockers are used in gyms, schools, institutions, hospitals, workplaces, warehouses, homes, garages and offices across the country. We sell a full line of standard lockers, vented lockers, wood and plastic lockers and non-traditional lockers such as storage and modular lockers.
School Lockers: Standard lockers are great for schools. Lockers are available in single-tier, double-tier, triple-tier, and 5 or 6 tier box styles.
Gym Lockers: Popular gym style standard lockers, vented lockers, storage lockers, and open access lockers.
Office/Workplace Lockers: A large variety of locker styles available in both vented and standard, these work well in office environments.
Lockers For the Home: Metal lockers help to keep things tidy in your closet and garage. Also Modular lockers are popular in the home and great for organizing.
Wooden Lockers: High quality wood lockers are available in single-tier, double-tier, triple-tier, six-tier, and "S"-style double tier. Also popular are solid oak lockers.
Plastic Lockers: Aater-resistant plastic lockers are great for the outdoor areas including pool/spa areas and other places with high humidity.
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